A little while back, Rachael Arahill shared an intriguing little nugget of gossip with the So Dramatic! podcast, about her time in the Bachelor mansion with Elly Miles.

Host Megan Pustetto said she heard some “crazy rumours” about Elly, namely that Ten made her scrub her social media clean to remove photos of her hunting and holding dead animals.

Arahaill confirmed that this was “definitely true”, and it was only a matter of time until the photos leaked, so now here we are.

Overnight, some shady friend or acquaintance of Elly’s shared screenshots of various old Instagram posts with the So Dramatic! podcast, and you can check them out below.

One pic shows Elly on a fishing trip, and another shows her holding up a dead rabbit, with a closeup of said wascally wabbit.

If that’s the kind of thing that makes you squeamish, then maybe give it a miss, otherwise, you can see the photos below:

Commenters have not come down too hard on Elly Miles since the pics leaked, with may pointing out that rabbits are an introduced pest and are have a destructive effect on the environment, so it’s common enough to go out culling them.

Nonetheless, we can see why Ten might have wanted pics like these scrubbed from existence, as hunting rifles, ugg boots and dead rabbits really don’t sell the fantasy of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Speaking with So Dramatic!, Arahill said that Elly wanted to bring a fake plastic gun to her first episode of The Bachelor and take a pop at Matt Agnew to indicate she was having “a shot at love.”

The producers apparently balked at that idea and instead suggested that she roast marshmallows by a campfire to show her country roots.