Elly Miles Called Fruit & Veg ‘Toxic’ While Promoting A Meat-Only Diet In Now-Deleted IG Story

Former The Bachelorette star Elly Miles has been called out on social media for promoting the controversial Carnivore Diet and labelling fruits and vegetables as “toxic.”

The Carnivore Diet is exactly what it sounds like: a diet that contains only animal products, so you eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The reality star shared a post promoting her plant-free diet and asked her followers to shoot through any questions they have about doing Carnivore and she’ll answer them in an upcoming IGTV.

“I’m getting heaps of questions in my DMs about Carnivore! I’ll edit my 2 week IGTV tonight and try to get it up!” she wrote in an Instagram Story.

“If you have anything you want to ask, pop it in this box and I’ll answer a few in the video!!”

Elly Miles copped a heap of backlash from her followers on social media for promoting the controversial diet that has been popularised by the likes of Joe Rogan, including one dietitian who slammed the post on Facebook.

“Dietitian here. This is absolute garbage. This message is toxic, the foods aren’t,” she wrote. “Dietary advice should come from professionals. End of story.”

Another reality TV fan wrote: “Influencers shouldn’t promote any kind of diet unless they are a qualified dietician & offering individual consultations. It’s so dangerous for their young followers.”

“Imagine becoming an influencer and of all the current problematic and political issues you decide to use your platform to demonise vegetables,” wrote another.

Following the mass backlash online, Elly removed the Instagram Story and didn’t end up making that IGTV that she promised to make. Good.

Elly Miles starred on the 2020 season of The Bachelorette alongside her sister, Becky Miles.

Sadly both sisters failed to find love on their season of tandem Bachelorette.