Elly Miles has broken her silence after being called out for sharing an Instagram Story where she labelled fruits and vegetables as “toxic.”

Speaking to WHO, the ex-Bachelorette says she never intended to “shove” the Carnivore Diet “down anyone’s throats.”

“I love veggies, I have nothing against veggies,” she told the mag. “It’s absolutely devastating. My intention was to give people an example of the type of plants I’m able to implement into my diet during the challenge.

“It sucks it’s been taken this way and I’m sad I’ve upset people by it as well.”

Elly Miles Breaks Her Silence After Being Called Out For Labelling Fruits & Vegetables ‘Toxic’

She added, “When I announced to my audience and adopting this diet style I was met with a lot of curiosity by people who were considering it and were interested in seeing how I felt as I navigated my way through it, so I decided to document it.”

The post, which was subsequently deleted, was met with a heap of backlash from online commenters, including one dietitian who wrote: “Dietitian here. This is absolute garbage. This message is toxic, the foods aren’t. Dietary advice should come from professionals. End of story.”

After we covered the story a few days back, the Butterfly Foundation, a charity aimed at supporting Australians with eating disorders and body image issues, was prompted to share a post to help people steer clear of harmful advice online.

Elly Miles has apologised to the people who have “misinterpreted” her post, where she labelled fruits and vegetables as “toxic.”

“By no means do I claim to be an expert and it might have come across that way. Through this experience I’ve taken on board people’s reactions,” she said.

“I really do love food and I just wanted to document this new experiment with my diet while I do the challenge. And people were interested to see how I go and it’s unfortunately been misinterpreted.”

Elly Miles Breaks Her Silence After Being Called Out For Labelling Fruits & Vegetables ‘Toxic’

“This type of misinformation can be so damaging,” The Butterfly Foundation commented on PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Instagram post about the situation.

“We’ve uploaded a little guide on how people can ensure they are consuming accurate sources and questioning the health advice they see online – feel free to use!”