Former Bachelorette Elly Miles is being shredded a new one after a post suggested she was partying on January 26th. It’s a full year since she apologised for doing the exact same thing.

Miles shared an Instagram post on Wednesday showing her having some drinks with some friends. The post was quickly deleted after people in the comments called her out for partying on a day when we should be mourning the loss of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Elly Miles Australia Day January 26th 2022
Source: @ellymiles via @celeb_spellcheck

“[It’s] perhaps not a crime but it is extremely distasteful and disrespectful to act in a celebratory fashion on a day of intense grief and mourning for a group of people so significant to our country,” read one comment on Celeb Spellcheck’s post about the incident.

“Just in the same way that partying on ANZAC day leaves a gross taste in people’s mouths. Today should be one of significant reflection, acknowledgment, healing and education regarding the atrocities that have been committed against the rightful and traditional owners of this land.”

“Yes, you are just supposed to sit home if you can’t attend a march because this is not a celebration,” wrote another.

“I worked today, made a couple of donations and didn’t party. [It’s] not hard.”

In an Instagram Story later that day, Miles clarified she didn’t attend a party to celebrate Australia Day but was “at a friend’s house… hanging out”.

“We’ve got some friends going away — that is it,” she said.

“I wanted to come on here so you could hear directly from me. I want to clear that up.

“I am all for abolish the date. I 100% respect the Aboriginal Land we’re living on.”

But several have pointed out that just because you weren’t actively celebrating Australia Day on Wednesday doesn’t mean you can party on with mates. January 26th is not a day to celebrate.

“Why do you bother posting ‘change the date’ or more accurately, ‘abolish Australia Day’ if you’re not going to come to the march and spend the day at the beach or just hanging out with mates,” Abbie Chatfield said in an Instagram Story not explicitly about Miles but the way influencers, in general, behaved on the day.

“Clearly there are reasons people can’t attend the march but plans with mates? Probably not more important than your desire to not celebrate genocide right?

“Encourage and try to be a part of the actual change if you care enough to post the sentiment on your stories. Didn’t see any influencers today at the march. Come next year if it means so much to you.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Elly Miles regarding whether she should have partied on Invasion Day, even if the event she attended wasn’t specifically meant to celebrate Australia Day, but she did not reply at the time of publishing.

Image: Instagram / @ellymiles via @celeb_spellcheck