There Are Rumours Ellen Is Ready To Walk Away From Her Show Over Mounting Pressure


There are mounting rumors that Ellen DeGeneres is ready to walk away from her own successful talk show, as accusations about a “toxic work environment” continue to mount.

Several weeks ago, a group of current and former staffers came forward told Buzzfeed News about their experiences on the show, with one saying she copped frequent racist comments from senior producers.

Yesterday, Ellen herself was accused of turning a blind eye to “rampant” sexual misconduct among senior staff, several of whom were accused of “groping” employees and soliciting sex.

The host recently penned a letter to staff saying that she “takes responsibility” for complaints about her show, and that she seeks to “correct” the various issues that have been addressed.

There are reports, however, that she is fed up and is ready to walk away, with an an anonymous source at production company telling The Daily Mail:

‘She feels she can’t go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show … The truth is she knew what was going on, it’s her show. The buck stops with her. She can blame every executive under the sun – but Ellen is ultimately the one to blame.’

The anonymous Telepictures staffer also said that Ellen “hates” coming to work, “struggles” to be nice to people and feels “utter contempt” for her viewers.

The person claimed:

“She has been phoning it in for so long, and only staying for the money and celebrity it affords her. We’ve dealt with her BS for so many years, she’s not innocent at all, she’s not nice and the show is not filled with happiness.”

While Ellen is still the most popular show in daytime, the source claimed that the current “PR nightmare” could cloud its future prospects.

They also claimed that the host herself is now paid so much just to “show up” that the series is no longer as lucrative as it once was.

There has been no public comment as yet on the future of Ellen, but watch this space for more.