Don’t Even Try Paging Ellen Pompeo In S19 Of Grey’s Anatomy ‘Cos She’s Barely Gonna Be There

Grey’s Anatomy fans, I bring you bad news (or maybe good, depending on your POV). Ellen Pompeo, the show’s titular Meredith Grey, will have a reduced screen time in the show’s nineteenth season.

The reason for her absence? Well, according to Variety she’s landed a role in a new Hulu limited series.

The show’s based on true events and is centred on a couple who adopt a young girl with a rare form of dwarfism, who they then begin to suspect of hiding her real identity.

Yes, I will be going into a Wikipedia wormhole about this case.

As well as starring in the show, Pompeo is also set to executive produce.

But the new show means Pompeo will only star in eight episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 according to Variety. She’ll stick around as narrator for every episode though.

Obviously, this leaves a couple of big questions about how season 19 will shake out. God, that really is a lot of seasons.

There will be a whole host of fresh faces joining the cast though. Maybe that’ll make up for Meredith’s absence. Adelaide Kane, actual king Harry Shum Jr.Niko Terho, Midori Francis and Alexis Floyd (who was excellent in Inventing Anna) are all joining the cast according to Entertainment Weekly.

Honestly that’s a pretty fucking bang-up cast. Maybe we don’t need Meredith at all? Apologies for the blasphemy Grey’s Anatomy fans.

But never fear: Deadline has reported there’s been “no decision” about whether season 19 will be Pompeo’s last or not. There is still hope.

How much more can they put those doctors through!?! I’ve seen enough TikTok montages to know it’s bloody intense.

Look, if you’re sad about the news that Pompeo’s role is being significantly reduced, I have good news for you. There’s 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy for you to go back a binge watch on Disney+. Just make sure you’ve got many, many tissues at the ready.