Elle Fanning Posts LOL Video Of Her & Bossy Older Sister Dakota Doing Halloween As Kids

As an older sister myself, I think I can confidently say this – older siblings are bossy assholes, worldwide. Dakota & Elle Fanning are no exception. And now Elle’s put her sister’s bossy ways on show for the whole globe to see. Total younger sister move there.

[jwplayer gxLFr3ky]

Elle posted a throwback video to her Instagram this morning (night for America)  of her and Dakota prepping for Trick Or Treat back when they were little. In the video, Dakota Fanning is carefully applying her makeup while Elle Fanning is fucking hers up entirely and also trying to use an eyebrow pencil for god-knows-what.

The absolute best bit? When Dakota notices Elle’s removed her clown wig and yells pointedly “go get your wig back on!”

Honestly, the entire thing made me want to fish out my old videos on my parents camcorder (!!!!) to find the video where I made my sister hold all five other doll characters and just parrot what I was saying, while I played Dr Barbie in the iconic 1999 film Dr Barbie’s Sweet Revenge.