Australia’s Own Elizabeth Debicki Will Play Princess Diana In Netflix Megaseries The Crown

The next actor to portray Princess Diana in Netflix mega-series The Crown is Australian star Elizabeth Debicki. It’s probably the closest interaction Australia has had with royalty since the Whitlam dismissal.

Debicki, 30, will play the People’s Princess in upcoming seasons five and six, taking over from Emma Corrin.

It’s a hefty role for the star, who has previously shone in features like The Great Gatsby and 2018 thriller Widows, along with Aussie TV drama The Kettering Incident.

In a statement, Debicki described the ability to portray Princess Diana on the big-screen as a “true privilege and honour”, adding the series had her “absolutely hooked from episode one.”

There’s no set premiere date for Season Four of the show, outside of a rough estimate for late this year, but Deadline reports Debicki’s seasons will likely hit Netflix starting in 2022.

It’s a big gig, and yet another blow for the Australian Republican Movement.