Eleven Grows Up To Be Elle Woods, Reckons One ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory

Generally fan theories are the extremely tenuous products of deranged, deeply bored minds and whole about as much water as a common household colander, but this one has at least a few legs (am I mixing too many metaphors?) – Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde‘ is Eleven from ‘Stranger Things‘ as a grown up.

You’re probably already familiar with the theory that Steve Harrington is the father of Jean-Ralphio from ‘Parks and Recreations‘, which might not add up in quite a few regards but I mean they just look so similar I’m willing to give them a free pass.
So how does this one work out? Easy: the timeline pretty much adds up, “Elle” is just a short form of “Eleven“, “Woods” is a reference to her former home (the literal woods), and Elle’s hair is very clearly a wig.
So how does this change your reading of the ‘Legally Blonde‘ films? Luckily writer Kaitlyn Plyley, who came up with the theory, also wrote some fan fiction of it:
“Years later, at Harvard Law, Emmett Richmond would tell her that her blonde hair gave her a power she underestimated, and that he hoped she would channel it to use for good. She smiled a little: here was somebody who had an inkling of what she was. Elle had never been seriously intimidated by the Harvard admissions process – she’d strode through high school and college knowing she could break arms with a tilt of her head. Her self-worth came from knowing that she chose not to harm.”

All that pink? An active rejection of the sense that she was threatening:

“Elle surrounded herself with soft, pink things – fluffy pillows, sweet fragrances – and avoided anything that would make her seem intimidating. It took her a long time to work out that she was still trying to prove she wasn’t the monster. Self-care was prime: she carried her service animal Bruiser with her everywhere. Being a survivor is an ongoing act. Elle took good care of herself.”

Incredible work. You can read the whole thing here.