Have A Little Giggle At This Sydney School’s Election-Themed Spread 

election-themed democracy sausage

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the amount of work that goes into my local polling booth but it ain’t no Camdenville Public School. They always bring their game. ALWAYS. During the NSW‘s state election, the Newtown primary school served up election-themed treats like the Gladys Berry-lick-your-chin half demolished stadium pav and Michael Dately & almond balls. For the 2019 Federal Election? An even more spectacular assortment of goodies.

[jwplayer MvjGxyO3]

First off, the main menu. Each democracy sausage is named after a politician. In honour of the late Bob Hawke, the bites were listed beside a picture of the former prime minister chomping on a sausage.

Highlights include The Josh Fried’N’Burg for five bucks, The Pauline – a plain white roll for 75 cents, and the delicious Playground Upgrade for an easy and affordable $60,000.

BONUS HIGHLIGHT: The Fraser’s Noggin Special – two eggs on a roll.

Election-themed democracy sausages? Can’t beat ’em.

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After a run this morning, in that fabulous ‘Vote 1 For Chloe Shorten’s Husband’ shirt, Bill Shorten cast his vote in the electorate of Maribyrnong.

The Opposition Leader told ABC 24 that he is confident Labor will win this election.

“It’s now in the judgement of the people. Anything can happen. The arguments have been put and presented. But I am quietly confident that there is a mood to vote for real change. To vote for change, to take real action on climate. To vote for real change to tackle cost of living and get wages moving. To vote for real change to stop the cuts to schools and hospitals. And actually make sure that we can look after our pensioners for the cost of going to see the dentist and help and improve our Medicare system.”

Ahead of casting his vote in his home seat of Cook in Sydney, Scott Morrison spent the morning in the Tassie seats of Bass and Braddon.

Appearing on Sunrise, Morrison said the “election is going to be close.”

“Five weeks ago, people weren’t saying that. I’ve always known it to be the case, because Australians take their decision and their choice very seriously.

“And at this election they do have a choice today. They have a choice between myself and Bill Shorten as prime minister. A government that knows how to manage money and a Labor party that has proven they know how to manage money.”

During his last pitch to voters, Morrison didn’t engage with questions about whether or not he’ll stay on as the Libs leader if he falls short tonight.

The election is not about my future, it’s about your future, it’s about the people of Australia’s future, it’s about their aspirations, their ambitions. It’s not about my aspirations or Bill Shorten’s ambition, it’s about the Australian people’s aspiration and that’s what I will continue to focus on.”