The Editing On Juliette’s Exit From Bach Was So Sus Bc They Wanted To Protect Locky’s Rep

Ok, what on earth was Juliette’s exit this week on The Bachelor?? One minute she’s ranting about how she’s talking to Young Thug’s producer and the next minute she’s in a limo exiting the show.

In case you missed it, on Wednesday’s episode of Bachie, Juliette was sick of being ignored by Locky and decided to confront him at the cocktail party. Juliette then gives the second best speech on bachie this season…after the ranga speech, of course and it’s incredible.

Here it is, just in case you need an inspirational quote for your insta feed:

“I mean does he know in my DMs I am not replying to certain people in LA?? You know, I could be talking to famous TikTok stars right now… and my rappers, and I’m ignoring them. Like I’m actually holding off for you.

“Harvey Lunar with 3 million TikTok followers, follows me and talks to me. Are you serious? And I’m here with little old Locky”

“I have to remember who I am. Hello, I’m amazing.”

So what actually happened? Why was the editing so strange? The So Dramatic Podcast revealed that Locky lost his temper, chucked a tantrum and said things to Juliette that would have made him look like a dick head.

The on-set source revealed to So Dramatic that Locky said “you’re too crazy, you’re too wild, too religious, too spiritual and too old for me” and then finally concluded on the cop out response “you’re too good for me.”

Juliette responded with “Yes, I’m too good for you” because it’s bloody true. She’s a queen.

This isn’t the first time that a shock exit has left audiences with a lot of unanswered questions. Roxi also had a shock exit, apparently caused by feeling like a “puppet” by producers. Which would explain why that would’ve been left on the cutting room floor too.

According to The Wash, The girls all went into a hotel before then filming their arrivals back at the house. Roxi was asked [by a producer] to start a bit of a fight with Juliette beforehand, and it was implied in a ‘wink wink’ kind of way that if she did, Locky would then ask Juliette to leave at the cocktail party. But he never did,” the insider, who was allegedly in the house when it happened, revealed.

Channel 10 all I’m asking is that you please create a behind the scenes show for The Bachelor. We just want the real tea.