The opening features of the massive Celebration of Harry Potter going down in Orlando, Florida were… well, we’re not about to say plonking Rupert Grint and the frustratingly handsome Matthew Lewis in front of a webcam for a ten-minute Q&A was underwhelming – it wasn’t – but considering the franchise’s size and breadth, we might have expected something more.
Today, more is most definitely what we have. Even after the universe-expanding revelation of four new schools of witchcraft and wizardry spanning the AmericasAsia and Africa, the consistently excellent Pottermore Twitter account spawned a behind the scenes video from the set of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. 

The featurette already goes a long way to prove how ~ dazzling ~ the production seems to be, keeping in line with the grandiose quality of the latter Harry Potter films. That makes sense, too, as it’s an original J.K. Rowling screenplay, and she’s clearly seen waltzing around like she owns the place. (Let’s be real, she probably does.)

Moreover, we get another look at Eddie Redmayne scurrying around the world of us pitiful normies on the search for those eponymous Fantastic Beasts. 
Outside the film’s trailer, it also gives the most solid look yet into the world of wizarding in 1920’s New York City. Redmayne is joined by Katherine Waterston’s Tina, Alison Sudol as her sis Queenie, and, perhaps most interestingly, Dan Fogler as Jacob, the utterly magic-less wannabe baker who somehow gets caught up in this wondrous monster-chasing BS.
Oh, and Colin Farrell’s there too, glowering as Percival Graves. Another serious role after True Detective, then.
The film drops on November 18 this year, and we are most definitely ’bout it. 
Source: Twitter.