Eastern European Woman Mistakes Builder’s Foam For Hair Mousse

There’s bad hair days. And then there’s this.

For all the teasing and touching and readjusting we all go through when trying to get our hair looking just so, we doubt anyone’s managed to fuck up quite this badly.
A photo circulating through the realms of social media appears to show a woman – allegedly from Eastern Europe – looking decidedly unhappy in the waiting room of a hospital with a head full of… well, this.

The good oil suggests that she *somehow* managed to confused hair mousse with expanding builder’s foam. How, we have absolutely no idea.

Polyurethane foam is used for a bunch of reasons – gap filling, insulation, adhesiveness – but last time we checked its use in salons was scarce, at best. It expands to above 3 times its size very quickly, is sticky as shit, and dries rock solid. Meaning the only probably way to get rid of that helmet would be a complete shave job – and that’s assuming none of it managed to reach the skin of her scalp.