Eagle-Eyed ‘Bachie’ Fan Spots Rose Oddity That May Point To Who Goes Home

Without getting super dramatic all over your Friday morning, a Bachelorette fan has posited a fan theory that changes…. everything.

It’s no ~major~ secret that male contestants wear magnets on their suits, in order to let the Bachelorette attach their rose without accidentally pricking herself. (The contestants on The Bachelor simply hold their roses, but that would be FAR too feminine for the male contestants to do so. They need their hands free for emergency tire changes and other such manly tasks.)

The Daily Mail even obtained an image of the rose magnets during Sam Frost‘s season, which you’ll all remember was the first ever Australian season of The Bachelorette. Channel 10 had to do something to make up for first Blake Garvey, then Sam being shafted by Blake Garvey, you know?

But last night Twitter user Sienna Sapphire noticed something a little odd. All of the men had magnets on their suits – and fairly obviously, once you know what to look for – except Bingham, who was sent home last night.

Does this mean Bingham was purposefully not given one by producers, because there was no need for one? How did they spin that one? “Oh sorry, Bingham, mate, we can’t find your magnet but we’re running out of hard night and we need to get going, just start the rose ceremony and we’ll sort something out.” (Yes, I have watched too much UnReal.)

Look: Ryan, the final person to get a rose last night, has a magnet.

Bingham? Not so much.

We went back through the last few episodes to put this theory to the test. On Wednesday, three of the men – who Osher tells us are Pete, Eden and Jefferson, but I swear he had to read those names off his palm – were sent home.

Here they are as the ‘final four’ with Brett, who did get a rose.

“Chhyeeah, I knew Sophie would pick me.”

But what is this? Eden, with a magnet???

Hmmm. But tbf, that was a weird, three-person elimination. Maybe not the best example, so we went further back.

Here’s the second ever rose ceremony, during which Jourdan was sent home.

I tried to get a photo with Bingham’s eyes open, okay? It’s not my fault he decided the rose ceremony was a good time for a nap.

If you look closely, you’ll see that NEITHER Bingham or Jourdan is wearing a magnet – at least, not visible.

Yet suddenly, Sophie calls Bingham’s name and BAM, rose is sticking on his chest like glue.

I have a theory (yes, another one). This was filmed in two different takes. Bingham walks up to Sophie without a magnet and she pretends to stick one on…

… but then they cut, somebody finds him a magnet, and we see Sophie actually attach a rose to his suit.

We already know that rose ceremonies can take the entire night, sometimes two, so surely they have time to do a little magnet juggling.

We’ve contacted Channel 10 for comment, and will be updating when they get back to us. Meanwhile, you can bet we’ll be watching next week’s rose ceremonies extremely closely.