Genuine Icon Dylan Mulvaney Posted A Stunning Face Reveal Series After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Dylan Mulvaney posts a face reveal after surgery

Trans icon Dylan Mulvaney has posted some dazzling face reveal photo dumps after she received facial feminisation surgery in December. Dylan hadn’t been able to show her full noggin on camera for about a month as she healed from her surgery.

Over a collection of posts, Dylan shows off her new look which the comments section thoroughly agreed was giving Audrey Hepburn. In other words, the comments section frothed it.

The intro video starts off like an old-timey film with the words “Dylan Mulvaney starring in The Face Reveal”.

It’s all delightfully presented and exactly in line with what we’ve become accustomed to with Dylan’s online presence.

Part two of this epic face reveal series is titled “the actor” and features a set of glamorous black and white still shots.

It’s the evening gloves for me. What an absolute lewk.

Part 3 is titled “The Swan” and boasts a bunch of stills with Dylan rocking the swan outfit from the initial video.

The final part of this ensemble is titled “just me baby” and is a headshot of Dylan in all her glory.

God save the Queen.

The process to face reveal has been a long one for Dylan who has been healing from the surgery over the festival period.

The only time she shared a post-surgery image was to give a gentle reminder that not all trans folk desire gender-affirming surgeries. She also used the post to reflect on everything she’d achieved in 2022.

Dylan initially shot to prominence for her series “Days of Girlhood“.

She has since amassed 10.4 million followers on TikTok and 1.2 million on Instagram.

The series made her such a household name in the US that she was eventually invited to the White House to discuss her advocacy with President Joe Biden.

Surely, since she’s already stepped foot in the White House, why not just… run for office?

Just my two cents. Love you, Dylan.