Dusty Martin, the AFL gun and man that single-handedly influenced a wave of fans to get a short-cut mohawk, has done another video with Bonds undies for a new campaign – because the last three years of vids of him in his duds truly wasn’t enough.

Richmond Tigers’ power mid-forward is now the face of a six-part sitcom mini-series Dusty n’ Rusty, which has the footy player meeting his ‘long-lost twin’, Rustin Martin (played by comedian Brett Blake). Rusty turns up unannounced on Dusty’s doorstep after being sacked from his job as the Under 9s coach, promising ~hilarious~ moments to come.

Dustin and Rustin Martin. Dusty and Rusty. Sit with that for a minute.

Because it’s a Bonds creation, the unlikely duo – whose only real similarities are their matching ‘Last Fast, Die Free’ hip tattoos and shaved-in mohawk mullets – spend the whole first episode in their undies. Why? Because the thermostat’s broken and permanently switched to ‘stiflingly hot’, naturally.

Episode 1 is already up, which definitely has some acting going on, and mucks around with eternally-cheesy sitcom tropes. I’ve gotta hand it to him, the bloke clearly knows how to not take himself too seriously.

The theme song! The gratuitous shirtless shots! The little crossed-arms shrug at the end! It’s gloriously dumb and I can’t help but watch it over and over and chuckle to myself.

Imagine one day you’re roosting bulk torps at the MCG and the next you’re filming a sitcom mini-episode where you have absolutely zero lines across from some pale bloke with a 2000s faux-hawk.

Look, it’s all very silly and who knows maybe Dusty Martin will make a name for himself in acting after he calls time on his illustrious footy career. Or maybe mime and clowning comedy, perhaps?

I’d honestly love to see him in an ABC sitcom, or some kind of slapstick comedy, or a kinda-scripted sketch show like Aunty Donna’s Big Old House Of Fun. Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be absolutely ridiculous.

Image: YouTube / BONDS