Looks like won’t be gathering our loved ones and Villeneuve stans together at Christmas for a screening of Dune, as the sci-fi epic has been delayed to the depths of 2021.

Fans will now have to wait one entire year longer to see Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya journey through the desert and ride sandworms through the galaxy. (I clearly didn’t read Dune, but I was just as excited nonetheless.)

Dune, which was scheduled for December 2020, has now been moved to October 2021, reported Collider.

The move has been speculated as been for one of two reasons from blockbuster kingpins Warner Bros. Either, coronavirus fears shutting down cinemas have kept them wary about the release of the film, or they have another big movie giant they want to release before Dune.

The shift in Dune’s release date also comes because Warner Bros. has just recently moved Wonder Woman 1984 to Christmas Day 2020. This was originally the release date of Dune.

Unfortunately, with Dune moving to October 1st, 2021, it now clashes with the release of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, which is rumoured to also be pushed into the future.

All this pushing around of movies is having me in a hot sweat. All I lust for is something new to watch. Please Warner Bros., we can’t keep rewatching Tenet. We just can’t.


The original book by Frank Herbert is roughly 800+ pages long, including translation guides, maps, appendices and a whole smorgasbord of sci-fi delights in the sand. That’s a lot of pages to turn into an on-screen epic.

Director Denis Villeneuve, apart from having the greatest last name to say out loud, has given confirmation that Dune will be made into two films, which means we will be seeing Chalamet don the futuristic gear one more time, but lord knows what year that will be in.

If you want the plot of Dune summarised in meme format, we did just that, because the sheer size of Dune is quite an intimidating roadblock for a lot of us. (Me, mostly me.) Check out our meme summary here.

You can watch the trailer below, and get pumped for… *checks notes*… late next year.

See you all at the cinemas in 2021 I guess. Maybe I do have time to read the book after all.