Here’s Everything We Learned About Dua Lipa In Her Intimate Red Room Sesh

The second-ever virtual Nova Red Room went down on Wednesday night, this time with UK pop royalty Dua Lipa. We once again hid in the wings and watched on as a very small group of super lucky fans were able to sit in and have an hour-long candid sesh with their fave. It was, once again, a total delight and we learned a lot about Dua and what she’s been getting up to in isolation in London.

Before Dua joined in on the Red Room Zoom, Kita Alexander belted out a couple of hits from her definitely-not-haunted garage, joined by only a single solitary push bike and zero ghosts.

dua lipa red room

In a different kind of Red Room sesh, Dua Lipa actually didn’t perform at all from her little space in the UK, but instead spent about an hour chatting with all the competition winners and giving them all an insight to her life in isolation.

So here’s a bunch of stuff we learned about Dua Lipa, as she gasbagged with everyone on Wednesday night.

Everything We Learned About Dua Lipa In The Red Room

1. She’s Into Manifestation

When trying to pin down the one song from Future Nostalgia that has the most meaning to her, Dua landed on ‘Love Again’. She said it’s not really about anyone in particular; it’s more about manifesting that kind of energy into her life.

The room then went on to gush about manifestation for a while, which is always an inspired moment and I’m sure Flex Mami‘s internal alarms were going off somewhere.

2. ‘Physical’ Is An Homage To Two Swiss Artists

The incredibly vibrant and full of horny ballroom dancing clip to ‘Physical’ is a big nod to Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. The duo created a Venn Diagram in 1981 that covers everything that it means to be alive, including things like culture, fashion, technology, instinct, and emotions. Kind of like a formula for happiness. The centre – illustrated by Dua in a sparkly black dress in the clip – represents the orgasm. Read into that what you will.

Here’s the clip again, if you’ve forgotten.

3. She’s Not Yet Writing In Isolation

Dua admitted that she’s not feeling super inspired while in lockdown at home, and said she’s taken a lot of comfort in others talking about how you don’t have to be productive in the pandemic. She also said she feels like she’s just finished up Future Nostalgia so hey, she deserves a bit of downtime.

4. But She Has Started Painting

Just because she’s not writing, doesn’t mean she’s not being creative. After admitting she’s ripped through just about everything she wants to watch on Netflix, Dua said that she’s tried to take up painting to keep herself occupied.

After realising that she’s actually kinda pretty rubbish at painting, she found that she’s got a knack for drawing cartoons.

As soon as she said that, my ears pricked up because hot damn I want to see her cartoons. Show me your toons, Dua. I want to see your work.

5. Her Go-To Album Is By An Aussie

A question that really stumped Dua was “if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?” which, yep, understandable. After thinking on it for a bit, Dua said that although it hasn’t directly influenced her music or anything, one album she always comes back to is Tame Impala‘s Currents.

A nice little surprise that she’s an Aussie music stan, and she’s definitely talked about her love for Tame and her dreams to collab with Kevin Parker someday.

My God, Kev, you’ve done it again.

6. She’s Dying Her Hair Like Mad

Just to reassure you that isolation is doing a number on her as much as the rest of us, Dua’s been dying her hair a bunch of different colours to pass the time. Although she can’t go and get her roots sorted out at the moment, she’s been investing in bright box dyes for her bf Anwar Hadid to put through her hair.

After putting pink through her heavy-90s bleached bangs, she moved on to orange (which she has now) and confessed that she’s got a bunch more colours coming in the post.

I mean, now’s the time to test out some new styles, right?

Hot on the heels of the Dua Lipa Red Zoom Room, the next sesh is set to go down on May 8th with Yungblud so head on over to the Nova website if you want to try and get in on that one.