Drool Over The Trailer for Sydney Chef Dan Hong’s Cookbook

Award-winning chef Dan Hong is the executive chef of several of Sydney’s finest eateries, including Asian fusion joint Ms G’s, barbecue spot Papi Chulo, and his signature Canton-style restaurant Mr Wong.

Next month, Hong will release a cookbook-slash-memoir, Mr Hong, which will presumably detail his rise to the top of Sydney’s food chain, and include some of his favourite fusion recipes, like the mouth-watering creations seen above.
Hong has said he believes Australia’s food scene is one of the best in the world because we don’t have a “rigid identity.”
“Modern Australian [cuisine] reflects the diversity of the immigrants who have moved here. It’s like fusion – Asian flavours with European techniques – and I think we do that better than anywhere else on the planet.”
Brb, eating all the burgers.