A representative for Drew Barrymore has commented on the intensely bizarre ‘interview’ she gave to EgyptAir‘s in-flight magazine, saying the Hollywood star didn’t, uh, actually have anything to do with it. At all.

Speaking to HuffPost, the spokesperson said Barrymore “did not participate” in any interview with Horus magazine, and that her crew is quite busy “working with the airline PR team” to figure out what the fuck happened.

The commotion comes after writer Adam Baron posted photos of the magazine on his Twitter account, questioning the veracity of the “surreal” interview. He was right to do so, considering it opened with a pretty bloody rude assessment of her personal life, and included chunks like this:

I feel overwhelmed when someone tells me that I have regained my image and managed to lose that extra weight, especially that I felt depressed due to the significant increase in my weight after delivering Frankie. However, I find this a great opportunity to encourage every woman who is overweight to work on regaining her beauty and body, especially that it is not as hard as one may think; it is all about determination and following the appropriate diet under the supervision of a physician.

And this:

Despite their young ages that do not exceed 5 years, they know the name of the American President, the names of Presidents and Kings of some major countries and the names of several substantial figures in the political scene.

EgyptAir itself has commented on scrutiny heaped on the piece, saying its author Aida Takla-O’Reilly – misspelled in both the tweet, and the article – is a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

A Twitter account which seems to belong to Takla-O’Reilly has also spoken up about the piece, but somehow misspelled Barrymores name, too.

Bizarre all around. Expect at least three more twists in this one before it’s all over.

Source: HuffPost
Image: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images