Drew Barrymore And Gossip Girl In ‘Free Willy 4’

… And by ‘Free Willy 4’ I mean ‘Everybody Loves Whales’! – Drew Barrymore’s latest film project based on the nonfiction novel with extremely scathing subtitle: “Freeing the Whales: How the Media Created the World’s Greatest Non-Event” written by Tom Rose. Tom wrote the book about a 1988 attempt to rescue three gray whales trapped by sea ice off the Alaskan coastline. Two of the whales managed to escape thanks to a Soviet icebreaker, while the third disappeared.

Drew will, of course, star as a (insufferably upbeat?) Greenpace volunteer, Kristen Bell AKA The Voice Of Gossip Girl / Sarah Marshall is tipped to play a television news reporter from Los Angeles, and John Krasinski will star as an (unlucky in love?) news reporter.

Isabel Lucas and Hayden Panettiere will appear on location during the film shoot to raise awareness for whales.

How’s that for a “non-event”, eh Tom?