Drake Shot His Latest Vid At A High School And People Lost Their Shit

There aren’t many things that would get me to pull myself up from having a nap on the desk and actually pay attention in class, but I think if my favourite rapper rocked up and started shooting a video I’d be a little bit more energised.

Students at the Miami Senior High School in, you guessed it, Miami, were treated to a surprise visit from Drake, who had shown up to record a music video for his absolute bop Gods Plan.

Obviously, a visit from one of the most popular rappers in the world is always going to cause pandemonium, but it looks like Drizzy is legit being mobbed by a gang of over-enthusiastic teens.

Champagne Papi then proceeded to be lifted into the sky by a cherry picker like the king amongst men that he is, and got some rather spicy looking drone shots fitting of the iconic line: I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry!

That’s not all, before he dipped Drake announced that he’d be donating $25K to the school, as well as hooking the kids up with some custom OVO uniforms courtesy of him.

Not too bad for a Monday arvo.