We were barely done gagging over the line-up for season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race, officially unveiled last week, when it was announced that Lady Gaga herself would be appearing on the first episode

These things are shot months in advance, so everyone involved has to keep quiet to avoid ruining the surprise, and aside from the occasional Drag Race ‘insider’ making salty posts on Reddit, leaks are usually pretty well contained. 

After Gaga’s guest spot was revealed, judge Ross Mathews finally got to spill the story of how he met her, something he’d clearly been holding on to for a while, and oh boy, after hearing it, we’re amazed that he was able to keep it quiet for this long. 

There is joy gushing out of Mathews’ every pore as he tells the story to Hollywood Today Live co-hosts, and after seeing it, we’re honestly even more excited for season nine:

Shortly after the big Gaga reveal, production company World Of Wonder gave us more good news, announcing that All-Stars queens Detox and Alyssa Edwards will both be getting their own unscripted spin-off shows. Per reports in Variety:

Haus of Edwards will provide an in-depth look at the life of famous drag queen Justin Johnson – known by his stage name, Alyssa Edwards – along with his drag daughter Laganja Estranja (Jay Jackson) following Justin‘s frenetic life running his dance studio, filled with diva dancers, their deeply involved moms, and crazy staff. 

Detox’s Life Rehab stars sharp-witted Detox offering serious life hacks with weekly surprise guests to share their own secrets about how to make life less of a … drag.

‘Drag Race’ Judge Ross Mathews Has A Wild Story About Meeting Gaga

Both shows will feature eight-episode seasons, with each instalment running for around 30 minutes. World Of Wonder says that both will premiere on the WOW Presents YouTube channel some time in late April. 

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