Dr. Phil ‘Shaved’ His Moustache And To Be Honest, We’re Uncomfortable

Every day a new terror. Each moment, a new crisis, wrenching us from our fragile sense of security. An endless nightmare. Dr. Phil McGraw without a moustache.

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The host of your aunt’s favourite daytime TV therapy session has taken to social media to share an image of him holding a razor to his famous soup-strainer, and an apparent ‘after’ photo featuring his newly naked upper lip.

It is the hell we deserve. Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair.

A follow-up post on Dr. Phil’s Instagram Story shows his wife, Robin McGraw, excitedly comment on the shave in a way which all but proves it’s a stitch-up.

However, fans of the Texan psychologist have shared their abject horror at the merest possibility of Dr. Phil showcasing his Dr. Philtrum.

That’s it. That’s the story. One of television’s most recognisable noggins may or may not (emphasis on may not) have 86’d his facial hair, and it’s the most exciting thing to happen to him since the emergence of Bhad Bhabie. 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we must go back to filtering out all of the other April Fool’s pranks which found their way into our inbox this year.