Donald Glover’s New Comedy ‘Atlanta’ Is Happening, Stars Donald Glover

Donald Glover is many things: writer, actor, stand-up comedian, rapper, author of internet poems, an ex (sob) one half of Troy and Abed in the mooooorning, and now, executive producer and creator of his own TV show.

He blesses us all with his talent, really.

When Glover left ‘Community‘ in 2013 and broke our Greendale hearts, it was partly to sign on with FX Networks to create and star in his own comedy series. That didn’t happen. Instead he took a right turn and fanged it off the freeway, playing sold out shows as Childish Gambino, giving stand up a whirl, and swinging by the set of ‘Girls‘ for an episode.

Two years later, his TV show with FX is finally happening.

Atlanta‘ is the story of two cousins climbing up the Atlanta rap scene, where Glover grew up. He’ll play Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks, a loner / misfit type returned to Atlanta and now working shitty, menial jobs, making ends meet, and probably hating on life a little bit.

Enter: his estranged cousin Alfred, a successful new rapper that everyone wants a piece of (played by Brian Tyree Henry). Earn sees a chance to manage Alfred’s career / piggy back off his success and rolls with it. 

The pilot will be directed by Hiro Murai, the talent behind this piece of excellence:

Production is already underway. Other castings include Lakeith Lee Stanfield as Farius, Alfred’s talented music collaborator / right hand man, and Zazie Beetz as Van, who’s Earn’s baby mama and in a “complicated relationship with.”

Look. It’s a whole TV show created by, written by, executive produced by, and starring Donald Glover, so it’s basically ‘Girls’ and Lena Dunham but with more of this:

And this:

And this:


Photo: Isaac Brekken via Getty Images

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