Meme Queen Dolly Parton Has Been Workin’ 9 To 5 Creating The Viral #DollyPartonChallenge

dolly parton challenge

In truly wild news, 2020 has its very first viral meme and it was started by Dolly Fucking Parton.

I would be willing to bet that absolutely nobody predicted this. Not a single soul.

The 74-year-old country music queen took to social media to kick off the year with a brand new meme known as the “Dolly Parton Challenge.”

“Get you a woman who can do it all,” she tweeted, accompanied by four images labeled Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Is this the meme I expected to take off in 2020? Absolutely not, but every celebrity known to man is getting in on it.

For starters, the Jonas Brothers got in on the action with a few classic band shots.

Mark Ruffalo aka The Incredible Hulk also shared his four online personas, proving that he could still get it even as a 52-year-old man-hulk.

Our queen Martha Stewart memeifed herself, including a sneaky dog cameo from her actual canine friends, and the real Snoop Dogg.

Speaking of culinary geniuses, Gordon Ramsay also shared his own #DollyPartonChallenge, without a single idiot sandwich. Also, can we please appreciate how weirdly jacked Gordon Ramsay is?

Then there was Terry Crews, who just went umm… full Terry Crews on the Dolly Parton Challenge. He really is workin’ out nine to five.

I have no words.

But by far the most random response to the Dolly Parton Challenge had to come from the Denver International Airport. If you’re unfamiliar with the illuminati/conspiracy theory bullshit, look it up because Denver International Airport is a fucking hellmouth.

It’s 2020 and Dolly Parton is the reigning queen of memes. I don’t think anyone is prepared for what this year is planning on bringing us.

Prepare yourselves.