New research into the habits of Aussie dogs and their humans has shown that a nearly half of surveyed dog owners would gladly continue eating ice cream after their dog has clobbered on it and please, show yourselves immediately.

The Great Australian Dog Survey – which surveyed over 20,000 dogs and their humans over May this year – found that a huge 45% of humans would share their dessert with their pooch. Just really letting ’em have a lick before going back to eating it instead of just letting them have the rest which I feel like is probably the better way to go about it, right? I mean, your dog 1000% licks its butt on the regular,

Cute, but also, noooo.

It’s not only our ice cream-sharing dog habits that came out in the survey, either. Considering Australia’s got the highest amount of dog owners in the world (hell yeah, well done) there’s a bunch of other very interesting tidbits the survey found about our relationships with our fur babies.

Like a huge 81% of those surveyed will include our pups at Christmas with their own presents under the tree, 72% believe that dogs should be allowed inside cafés and pubs, and an overwhelming 81% again said that dogs should be seen as more than just ‘property’ by Australian law.

And as expected, a bunch of the humans surveyed happily dobbed in their dog or dogs for all the things they’ve chewed through or eaten, including a brand new TV, toot paper during the COVID-19 shutdown, AirPods, $500 worth of lingerie, a Costco-sized fillet of salmon, an entire BBQ, and enemy #1: the washing machine door.

God, imagine the poops after your dog scoffed down a whole huge fillet of salmon. Crook as.

Bet they got a glossy coat though.


Unsurprisingly, over 60% of those surveyed said that they currently spend six or more hours in close proximity with their dogs every day, so dog knows what the separation anxiety is gonna be like when humans have to go back to work and won’t be home all the time.

But please, do reconsider how you share your ice cream with your dog. C’mon. That’s nasty.

Image: Getty Images / Andrea Pucci