‘Crash Bandicoot’, the beloved, if not painfully difficult, old-school PlayStation platformer, is back in a big way, with the remake of the original trilogy making its way to PS4 over the weekend to a hugely positive response.

Such is the overwhelming success of the remaster, it wouldn’t phase us if this was simply the first in several attempts to bring back beloved 90s video game franchises and if a just discovered easter egg from the ‘Crash’ redo is anything to go by, we might know exactly what bundle of pixels Sony might be revisiting next.

The discovery was made by YouTuber/brain genious ThornsOfSerenity who went ahead and entered a nearly two decade old cheat code from one of the original ‘Crash Bandicoot‘ games into the newly released edition and… IT BLOODY WELL DID SOMETHING YOU GUYS.

The cheat code, a nostalgic af sequence of button presses (Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right and square, for those playing at home), when applied to the menu screen of 1998’s ‘Crash Bandicoot: Warped’ opened up a sneaky little demo of similarly cherished hit Spyro the Dragon’.

Now before you lose your shit, entering the same code into the PS4 version unfortunately DOES NOT take you to a ‘Spyro‘ demo, with the selection cursor simply disappearing entirely.

Whilst on the surface a word suddenly not being highlighted anymore on a video game menu isn’t cause for even the mildest of concerns, let alone a whole article’s attention but people smarter than I seem to think this is one hundo percent deliberate and infers that at a later date, something Spyro-related could very likely appear.

Hot damn we hope it’s true. Look at this little fella and tell us you wouldn’t want another adventure with him in 2017, in HD and all. WANT.

Does This Crash Bandicoot Easter Egg Prove A Spyro Remake Is On Its Way?

Source: Kotaku.

Image: Crash Bandicoot / Activision.