Someone Found The Distracted BF’s Girlfriend & Holy Shit It’s A Wild Ride

distracted boyfriend

Some absolute deadset genius has dived into the murky world of the girlfriend from the ‘Distracted Boyfriend‘ meme, and folks, we’re sorry to say that it doesn’t look like she dumped her deadshit partner.

distracted boyfriendDUMP. HIS. ASS. LINDSAY.

A Twitter user in the U.K. managed to find the distracted boyfriend’s girlfriend and discovered that uh, her life didn’t exactly work out for the better.

“Looking up stock photos for work and I think I found ‘distracted bf’ girl,” wrote Andrew J Abernathy.

But this wasn’t the end – Lindsay (I’ve named her Lindsay) and her boyfriend decided to TRY AND HAVE THE 2.5 KIDS AND LABRADOR AND WHITE PICKET FENCE. C’mon, girl. Honey.

Like her friends probably told her a thousand times over white wine spritzers, “Lindsay, he’s just going to doing it again. Once a cheater, etc.”

Lindsay’s friends are trash but they’re not wrong, because:

Seriously, you know who else is trash? Distracted boyfriend. I’m going to name him ‘Brad’.


It looks like Lindsay and Brad are the Carrie Bradshaw and Big of our time: breaking up and getting back together like two self-destructive white bread units.

We owe a lot to our friend Andrew J. Abernathy here. But also to Lindsay. Fuck Brad.