Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Remake Has Cast A Hot Jafar & The Internet’s Thirsty AF

I will level with you: before writing this story, I did not know who Marwan Kenzari was.

This was wrong of me. I see that now, and I apologise unreservedly.

Marwan Kenzari is an actor who’s appeared in Ben-Hur, The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one), and the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express. He also has the honour of being cast in the role of Jafar in Disney‘s hotly anticipated live-action Aladdin remake.

He is… very, very good-looking.

i beg your fucking pardon

The Dutch-Tunisian actor has been cast alongside Will Smith as the Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine.

Does he fulfil the role described in the original as a “tall, dark and sinister ugly man“?

Hell no, this bloke is more like “smouldering tortured bad-boy with a lust for power that only serves to make him more irresistible“. And literally no-one is upset by this.




Actually, yeah – how are they gonna make that scene where Jasmine fakes being thirsty for Jafar’s snake-staff work in this film? All plausible deniability has gone right the hell out the window. I don’t care how cute and kind-hearted that street rat Aladdin might be – if the formidably sexy Royal Vizier suggests you guys shack up so he can become the most powerful being in the universe, you’re gonna say yes.