Disney World Staff Reveal Messed Up Stuff They’ve Seen Co-Workers & Customers Do

For members of the public, Disney theme parks are the happiest place on earth. For employees who see the gruesome stuff that said members of the public get up to on the ~magical~ grounds, however, it’s not so happy.

Mickey Mouse‘s loose-lipped employees have taken to Reddit to share the grossest acts they’ve witnessed customers and co-workers do in a thread called Disney workers of Reddit what is the dirtiest thing you have seen or done on the job?

I warn you, this story is not for the faint-hearted…


I used to work at Magic Kingdom in Florida.

One time, a grown ass man couldn’t “hold it” anymore after he got on the ride and proceeded to defecate after being harnessed in. His shorts were very short so by the end of the ride, most of his seat, and all of his legs were covered in shit.


I worked at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, my ex got a job in Animal Kingdom at Expedition Everest. My attraction was generally okay, the normal dirty diapers being left random places nothing too extreme. Expedition Everest has a super long outdoor queue though, and when closing the ride someone had to walk the queue to clean it and make sure there wasn’t anyone hiding. They found a pile of poop, from what I was told it wasn’t little kid sized it was definitely an adult. No idea how long it had been there, no guest had said anything.

I worked at Seaworld too and we had to close the ride because a man threw up throughout the entire thing and we had to clean the ride floor. When he got off the ride he threw up hitting the rim of the trashcan just right and causing a vomit fountain arc? If that makes sense. Once again, not a child but a grown man that had to be mid twenties. Adults are grosser than kids for sure.


I was custodial in Disney World for a couple of years. I’ve seen lovely shit covered toilets/walls, still no idea how that happens. One time an old lady came into a small restroom, went in a stall, and proceeded to pee all over the floor. At first I thought there was some kind of leak going on but no. you could see it leaking out and to the drain. The people were just looking at me and I was just staring, so confused. She came out and left like nothing happened (didn’t wash her hands either)

Also it’s pretty horrifying to see what happens when a not too busy restroom is ignored by the person who was supposed to work there during the day. And then have everyone there think it’s your fault.

This is besides all the puke, sanitary bags, blood, and backed up toilets of course. It’s been years so I’m probably forgetting some amazing things.


I worked at Disneyland California for 3 years. I have numerous dirty stories:

  • We had a cast member yank one out in broad daylight behind Soarin Over the World. He was fired immediately after.
  • There were also numerous cases of cast members going to our backstage extra storage room where nobody ever went, so they could have sex.
  • We once found a dead rat in a bag of Lettuce for the salads.
  • Kids would lick the tops of condiment shakers and put them back.
  • Guests changing their babies’ dirty diapers on top of the tables. Setting their baby’s bare bottom on the table, then leaving the shit filled diaper on the table when they left.
  • Toddler squatted down and took a shit on the ground in the line. A stroller smeared the shit like 5 feet. Luckily I wasn’t there for that one, but my coworkers had to clean it up.