BIG QUACK: Emilio Estevez Is Returning As Coach Bombay In Disney’s ‘Mighty Ducks’ Series

Mighty Ducks

It’s been but a day since Disney announced it was bringing back The Mighty Ducks, and already we have some more good news. Emilio Estevez is returning to the series as Gordon Bombay. HE’S BACK, BABY.

The actor will reprise his role as Coach Bombay for the new series coming to Disney Plus.

Estevez said in a presser, “Once a Duck, always a Duck!”

“After 25 years, I am delighted to lace up my skates, put on Coach Bombay’s jacket and return to play the iconic character for this new chapter in The Mighty Ducks franchise.”

25 years, good god.

But look at him on the ice!

The new original series is set in present day Minnesota, where the Mighty Ducks have gone from a team of amateur misfits to an ultra-competitive, powerhouse youth hockey team.

Per the presser: “After 12-year-old Evan (Brady Noon) is unceremoniously cut from the Ducks, he and his mum Alex (Gilmore Girls‘ Lauren Graham) set out to build their own ragtag team of misfits to challenge the cutthroat, win-at-all-costs culture of competitive youth sports.”

Yes, the Mighty Ducks are bad now. They are The Hawks. What a bloody twist. But, like, is Coach Bombay bad now? SURELY BLOODY NOT.

The creator of the OG franchise, Steve Brill, is on board as co-creator and executive producer. Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, who also co-created the original, will showrun.

While we wait for early snippets, you can catch the Mighty Ducks trilogy on Disney Plus now.