Here’s Your First Look At ‘Dirty John’, Starring Connie Britton & Eric Bana

If you’re experiencing withdrawals from favourite true crime podcast Dirty John, then fear not, because you’ll get to binge it all over again when the TV adaptation arrives later this year.

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The miniseries stars Connie ‘Mrs Coach’ Britton and Eric Bana, and overnight, Entertainment Weekly gave us our first proper look at the two of them in character. Go ahead and soak it up:

Dirty John tells the true story of the doomed romance between lonely businesswoman Debra Newell and John Meehan, a charismatic and secretive stranger that she meets on the internet.

Series creator Alexandra Cunningham praised her two leads, telling EW:

“They both have the most amazing hair in the universe. Connie is the actress that you think of when you want to tap into the headspace of intelligent women on screen.”

She also hopes that her series will satisfy those podcast listeners who considered Debra “stupid” for falling under the spell of the charming John, saying:

“He goes to church with her, he loves that she’s a mom. I want to show what that’s like – when John, in the body of Eric Bana, turns his eye upon you and is like, ‘You’re a goddess.’”

Though John and Debra’s story will wrap up in season one, the anthology series has already been renewed for a second, which will focus on different characters but maintain a similar theme.

“The nature of manipulated love is a great seed,” Cunningham says. “Lord knows there’s been many horrific crimes committed in the name of that.”

Dirty John is set to premiere on the US cable network Bravo later this year,