Diplo Admits He Gets Brutally Owned By RiRi Every Time He Asks To Collab

Global pop sensation and eternal icon Rihanna has been casually owning music producer Diplo for years, and people are living for it.

The latter gave an interview to GQ Style, and included an anecdote about the struggle he’s had trying to collab with the former.

“I just want [Rihanna] on a Major Lazer song,” he said. “She’s like the one artist that we can never get.”

He then recounts one of his failed attempts to convince RiRi to work with him.

I think before we’re all done, she’ll be on a song of ours. Hopefully. But if not, I don’t really care. I played her ‘Lean On’. She was like, I don’t do house music. I face-palmed so hard on that one. Another time I had a session with her, and Future was also invited. The Weeknd was there. Metro Boomin was there before anybody knew who he was. I was so contact high. Future played her, like, 700 songs. It was four in the morning. Finally, I was like, Yo, G, I’m leaving unless you let me play her a song. So I played her a song. And she was like, This sounds like a reggae song at an airport. [laughs] I was like, I’m gonna go kill myself.

The idea of Diplo being repeatedly and brutally owned by Rihanna is extremely, extremely funny.

Folk are absolutely living for this drama, let us tell you.






If it’s any consolation to Diplo, Rihanna has already apologised to Diplo for telling him, to his face, that his music sounds like a “reggae song at an airport”.