So Did Diplo Post A Photo Of His Raging Boner On Instagram Or Nah?


It’s the question that’s tearing the internet apart: did Thomas Wesley ‘Diplo’ Pentz, the loosest unit in all of EDM, share a photo of his engorged, throbbing erection to Instagram this week, or is he trying to put one over on all of us?

A day or two ago, the notorious shit-stirrer posted a pic of himself standing by the water in Ibiza, stripped to his jocks and contemplating his prominent bulge. “I’ve been all over God’s green earth, and nothing excites me more than the raw beauty of nature,” he said in the caption.

Since then, nobody’s been able to agree on exactly what we’re seeing. Does the idea of nature’s majesty truly get our boy Diplo RIGID? Does he bar up just thinking about the water gently lapping against the rocks on the coast of Spain?  Or is it just, y’know, his hand or some other object down his pants?

I’ve studied the pic for literally hours and I STILL DON’T KNOW. Only one thing if for sure: the presence of Diplo’s dingus in this pic is one of the great mysteries of our time, the Loch Ness Monster of chubs, the Bermuda Triangle of erectile projectiles. Take a look and decide for yourself:

Meanwhile, Diplo himself appears to be going through a period of self-examination right now, no pun intended. Earlier this week, he admitted that a notorious joke he made about Taylor Swift back in the day probably made him look like an “asshole.”

At the time, he joked about starting a crowdfunding drive to buy Swift a “booty”, but he now regrets how this came off. “I’m a weird, humorous person, but my sense of humour wasn’t taken well. Then I thought, do I want to be known as the asshole?” he said.

“I wasn’t an asshole, in my opinion, but I did use social media like it was a joke,” he continued. “Then it became very real. What’s funny now is that I don’t even know my Twitter login. Someone else just Twitters for me.”

He also said he was hesitant to work with Justin Bieber, in case some of the youngster’s bad reputation rubbed off, but in the end, he just decided to go for it, hoping that their collaboration might help change the perception of the singer.

“At one point Justin was one of the most unpopular artists,” he said, perhaps referring to the era when Justin was abandoning monkeys and tagging at the Gold Coast. “But we thought, the music’s going to cut through all of this, if we make something crazy and loud. And that’s what we did.”