This morning, the long-awaited Armie Hammer exposé was published by Vanity Fair where they made a slew of allegations about the actor.

It’s super fucking long (read: fascinating), but for a more streamlined version, have a read of our recap here.

One of the major revelations came via an insider who claimed that the people in Armie Hammer’s camp, which no longer includes his agent or management as they subsequently ditched him, blame the scandal on celebrity gossip Instagram, @deuxmoi, which published unverified allegations about the actor to its followers.

Here’s what the passage read:

Those in Armie’s camp mainly blame the scandal on the unverified gossip account @deuxmoi, which published and proliferated its Armie claims to more than 750,000 users in January. “You used to have to verify facts before making allegations like this,” said one friend, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “He’s being attacked from all different angles on unverified claims…It’s hard for people around him to watch this.”

Deuxmoi has swiftly responded after the Armie Hammer exposé went live, writing: “Whoa! Can’t help but wonder how y’all are digesting that load of shit!!”

“In regards to this ‘load of shit’ reporters should get up on their fact-checking before naming our account as associated with actors involved in serious allegations,” adding that “we broke no news, we broke no story” about Armie Hammer.

“We reshared information that was ALREADY POSTED by other accounts and that was shared by many other people on all social media platforms in addition to two posts that included quotes that were ON THE RECORD.”

They added, “No specific allegations were ever mentioned in any of these posts.

“In conclusion, major ick to any ‘camp’ or publication who would try to put blame for an actor’s scandal on a social media account that reshared information that ALL publications did at that time. And for the record AGAIN we never posted ANY OF THE DETAILS.”

They concluded, “And for the record AGAIN we never posted ANY OF THE DETAILS.”

Deuxmoi has done nothing more than publish a bunch of tip-offs sent in from followers about Armie Hammer. They predicted that Armie was going to be dumped by his agent and management before the news went live, and they also shared the tea about his firing from the Jennifer Lopez rom-com, Shotgun Wedding.

They also received and circulated tip-offs about the forthcoming Armie Hammer exposé.

But I totally agree with them here that they are no more responsible for these allegations coming to light than any news outlet. And the fact that an alleged abuser is shifting blame onto a gossip Instagram page is wild to me.