An Ex Flight Attendant Spilled Bulk Tea About Their Celeb Passengers & I’m Sky High On Gossip

My favourite kind of celebrity tea comes from people who have worked in service jobs because if celebs are gonna be dicks, they’re gonna show their true colours when interacting with people they deem to be at a different level to them. Hence why I so enjoy when they’re called the fuck out. A former flight attendant spilled the tea to Deuxmoi, revealing which celebs were nice and which were nasty.

I was happy to read that almost all of their encounters were lovely, except for Hilary Swank, who they claim “notoriously pulled the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ shtick when she tried to use the first class bathroom while travelling in main cabin.” Fucking yikes.

“In contrast, Susan Sarandon got stuck in a middle seat in the exit row and was cool as a cucumber walking to the back to use the loo. She was with her much younger and very hot boyfriend at the time and was a gem,” they added. Love that!

Susan Sarandon

“Cool as a cucumber” queen, Susan Sarandon. (Credit: Getty)

They also gushed about the Kardashians, revealing “Kim, Khloé and Kris were so easy and kind. Kim even gave the crew her magazines to read once she was done with them. Incredibly beautiful and smaller than expected in person.”

The flight attendant went on to say that “John Legend was so kind and beautiful in person,” while Mila Kunis “asked for a boxed kid’s meal from main cabin while in first class – very low-key and nice.”


If, like me, you froth this kind of goss, then you’ll love my recent yarn about a rogue journo spilling all of the tea about their best and worst interviews with celebs.

In the blind item to Deuxmoi, they list Emma Watson as one of the worst celebs, describing her as “horrible” and “very rude to our staff.”

Meanwhile Daniel Craig was “very awkward and hates anything out of his comfort zone.” I mean, same, TBH. Celebrities, they’re just like us.

As for Jennifer Lawrence, she “came across very rude, although I think that’s her sense of humour.”

Next on the list of rude celebs is Bradley Cooper, who they describe as having “creepy uncle vibes” and I cannot disagree more, having interviewed the bloke myself back when he was promoting A Star Is Born.

Here’s proof of him being nothing short of angelic:

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