Details Of Bill Murray And Sofia Coppola’s Netflix Christmas Special Emerge

In exciting news for fans of Bill Murray, Sofia Coppola and magical things in general, the pair’s long talked-about Christmas special may finally, actually be happening.
Late last year, the famously difficult-to-pin-down Murray gave an interview in which he suggested he’d be up for doing something with Coppola, if they could find the right place for it.
There was no further word until this very morning, when comedian Chris Rock was on triple j, hosting the breakfast program with Matt and Alex, and they asked him for a Bill Murray story.  
In response, he let slip that he had just been in the studio with Murray, recording carols for a Christmas special to air on Netflix
Given the way we all feel about Murray …
… this is an exciting turn of events.
Here’s a snippet of this morning’s chat, with the relevant section starting just after 2:20:
Just to recap:
1. This Christmas special appears to be happening
2. Bill Goddamn Murray and Chris Goddamn Rock sing carols together in it
3. It’s going to be on Netflix
It’s going to be a very Murray Christmas.

Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images