Delta Goodrem Totally Didn’t Mean “Brothers” In The Black Way

If you didn’t watch the most recent episode of The Voice Australia last night you missed one of the most awkward interactions to ever happen on Australian television. How awkward? At least 10 x more awkward than suggesting your colleague has a small penis.

Wow, that’s really awkward, did something terrible happen? No not really. Well, kind of.

Enter fedora sporting US-born contestant Steve Clisby, who it should be noted is black, and who performed “I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” by Barry White, who is also black, and who was good enough at singing to convince both Seal (also black) and Joel Madden to turn their big red stupid chairs around.

Enter Delta Goodrem, who triggers silent racial stereotype alarm bells when she remarks that he is “one cool cat” (seriously, would she ever say that to a non-black contestant? We know it’s a compliment, but still) and praises his “amazing voice” even though she failed to turn her chair around.

When Clisby asks her why she snubbed him, Goodrem says he would have been better suited to Seal because they’re “brothers”? Not literal brothers of course, or figurative “brothers” in the catchall four or five random black guys on the set of a low budget 60s cop film sense of the word but in the non race specific and lesser known “soul brothers” sense, a totally fictitious and nebulous definition she illustrates by pretending to be a Rastafarian which not only has nothing to do with soul music, but, again, is probably going to be a black guy. You can’t dig up, Delta.

You. Can’t. Dig. Up.