Today on this blessed Friday, we gift you Delta Goodrem singing The Nanny theme song.

For the past month or so in lockdown, Delta has been performing a slew of live concerts form her living room to stay connected to fans. The Bunker Down Sessions are streamed live once a week on IG and Facebook, if you’re keen. The concerts are also themed. This week – yesterday – was TV week, Movie Tunes, and Mine. Delta takes requests, by the way. She also invites her fans from around the world to hop on the stream afterwards, which is just so wholesome.

Delta kicked off yesterday’s concert with the Friends theme song, followed by huge tunes like Let It Go and My Heart Will Go On. 

Also, The Nanny. Delta’s cover of the theme song is absolutely delightful.

If you’re just here for The Nanny, you can skip ahead to the 17-minute and 50-second point of the video.

Have at it.

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This is as live as TV gets! You never know what’s going to go down on #TheBunkerdownSessions and most of the time I don’t even know myself ????????. This is Volume 9 TV week (season 9), movie tunes & mine. You picked the theme for this week (a close second to Disney!) but where do we go next??… love & light ✨XxD 1. I’ll Be There For You (Intro) (@the_rembrandts) 2. Enough / Lose Yourself (@eminem) 3. Let It Rain 4. Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer) 5. Pretty Woman (@officialroyorbison) 6. Wish You Were Here / Time After Time (@cyndilauper) 7. Let It Go (@disneyfrozen, @idinamenzel) 8. The Nanny theme 9. Throw It Away 10. I Can’t Break It To My Heart 11. My Heart Will Go On (@celinedion) 12. Keep Climbing ???????? @matthew.copley

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A couple of weeks ago, Delta even debuted her new song Keep Climbing during one of her Bunker Down sessions.

You can find it on all your usual streaming suspects including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Suss out the details, right HERE.

If you’re super keen to re-watch The Nanny now, you can do so on either Stan or Amazon Prime Video. Let’s just completely ignore the fact that Fran Drescher recently promoted the stupid conspiracy theory that 5G technology caused the coronavirus. If you didn’t know that until just then, I’m sorry.

As for Delta, you can catch her most nights on The Voice.