‘Dear Fat People’ YouTuber Clutches At Straws, Releases ‘Dear Fat People 2’

Before we begin here, we need to preface this fairly strongly. We are fully aware that by posting an article about this video we are directing attention to its creator, which is exactly what the video is designed to do – nothing more, nothing less. It’s a needless, shit-stirring, deliberately antagonistic offering designed purely to draw attention to it by any means necessary in order to drive up view counts and, by extension, maximise the public exposure and advertising revenue.

We are very aware of that. And we’re also aware that, by giving in and posting about it, we are very much complicit in being part of the problem. That’s simply how the media cycle works. It’s a snake eating itself. We know all of this. We are acutely aware of it. It’s a cycle none of us can break. And we are all very, very tired.
Look. It us. It all of us.
So now that we’ve said all of that, here’s this.
Remember Nicole Arbour? You’d be forgiven if the name doesn’t ring any bells – her 15 minutes was up hours ago.
A while back Arbour released the spitefully shitty video “Dear Fat People,” which lambasted overweight/obese/otherwise not physically flawless people for not simply getting off the couch and fixing themselves. Y’know, that genius concept that occurred to literally no one prior to that.
Arbour, the self-styled “comedian” with an inexplicably large amount of YouTube subscribers, apparently found a big pile of straws to clutch at recently, and as a result we’ve got the sequel “Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping,” and at this point we reiterate:
The video, which you all can choose to watch at your own peril, goes in on Sports Illustrated and their decision to put “plus sized” (she’s barely a fucking size 14) model Ashley Graham on the cover of their swimsuit edition.
According to the endless wisdom of Arbour (whose name I had to keep switching tabs whilst writing to get, because I kept forgetting it), the SI Swimsuit Edition cover should be the exclusive domain of models who are the “mecca of perfection.”
She then went on to claim that Graham, who she didn’t mention by name but come on, was deliberately keeping excess weight on in order to benefit her own bank account, and that if she really cared about body positivity, she would’ve rejected all Photoshop work.

“If you are so proud of it, show me your stretchmarks, and cellulite and all the rest of it.”

“The truth is if she worked out a little bit more, she wouldn’t be plus-size anymore, which means she can’t sell shit to plus-size women who have turned her into their hero, so to make money she’s keeping the weight on.”

Arbour (again, had to look it up) also asserts that people who aren’t thin and toned cannot possibly be fit; that fitness is a literal impossibility if you are curvy or full-figured.

Here’s a link for the video. We’re not embedding it. It’s a weird, pointless, disjointed rant from someone who has explicitly stated that it’s all just an exercise in gratuitous, by-any-means-necessary self-promotion.
You can make the objective decision on whether to click through and watch it yourselves or not.
Alternatively, you can watch this video of robots falling over, which we feel quite strongly is far more worth your time (it’s actually funny, for starters).

The cycle continues.

Source: YouTube.