Bumble Has Stung Back At Bee Dick Dean Wells After His Rant About Their Body-Shaming Policy

Dean Wells Bumble

Bumble has written an ‘open letter’ in response to Dean Wells’ rant about their new policy against body-shaming. In it, they rightfully slam the Married At First Sight star for his views. You love to see it.

In case you missed it, back in January, Bumble announced that they would implement a brand new policy to ban body-shamers from the platform.

In response to this, Dean Wells went on a rather lengthy rant on Instagram about free speech and censorship, because of course he did.

“Aaand yet another example of our freedoms being taken away one by one,” he wrote.

“Little by little our right to say, think and do whatever we want is being eroded. We’ve just had movies, tv shows censored, people kicked off Twitter, people kicked off all kinds of platforms for saying the wrong thing.”

He did not just bring up Donald Trump in an attempt to make an argument, did he? (He did, but it gets worse.)

“We don’t need more restrictions on what we can and can’t say. This is not China, this is a free country. You should be able to say whatever the hell you want,” he wrote.

So yeah, this is why Bumble needed to say something. Professionally, they couldn’t just write “shut the fuck up,” except they basically did just that, but more eloquently. Give the person who wrote this open letter a raise.

“We read that you slammed these rules as a violation of your freedom of speech — in fact, you claimed that the right to ‘say, think, and do whatever we want is being eroded,’” wrote Bumble.

“We reject the idea that it’s acceptable to say someone is too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, or whatever your complaint might be.

“You’re not entitled to make unsolicited comments to someone about their body just because it doesn’t meet your standards.

“You don’t have the right to make someone feel undesirable because you don’t find them attractive. But we do have the right to ban you from our platform if you do.”

You better go IN Bumble.

You can read the full letter here, which goes on to absolutely rip into Dean Wells’ argument, and makes it very clear that body-shaming will never be acceptable on the platform, ever. Say it, sis.