The Deadpool Xmas Flick Has A Trailer & It Smacks Of ‘The Princess Bride’

The first trailer for the family-friendy re-edit of Deadpool 2 has landed and the ratbag in red has enlisted an iconic child star from the 80s for the flick, seemingly against his will.

[jwplayer TD42qRg0]

I’m still not 100% sure if you can take your grandparents to this one yet but from what the first trailer serves up, you probably can?

Once Upon A Deadpool is apparently going to be framed similarly as the iconic 80s flick, The Princess Bride, and the first trailer for the riff on the classic rom-com has a now-very-adult Fred Savage back in his bed in Chicago, but Deadpool/Wade Wilson is in the place of the grandpa retelling the story.

Impressively, the set up in Savage’s room here is pretty much an exact duplicate for his room in the original Princess Bride, complete with a packet of open Cheetos and the shitty-looking Santa made from paper plates hanging on the cupboard doors.

Enjoy Fred thoroughly living up to his surname in the trailer below, and lock this one in for your Xmas day/Boxing day viewing.

Once Upon A Deadpool is out in Aussie cinemas on December 13