The Bob’s Burgers Writers Impressed Ryan Reynolds With Their Deadpool 3 Idea, So Now It’s On

Deadpool 3

Some excellent news today for fans of Deadpool, with reports that the third movie is pushing ahead, and the writing team behind the beloved Bob’s Burgers are involved.

Industry publication Deadline reports that this past month, Ryan Reynolds has been taking meetings with a variety of writers, to hear their pitches for the next movie.

It seems that Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin were able to impress him, and their take on the character was the “perfect fit” for the third film.

The official Deadpool Twitter account confirmed the news today, sharing an image of Bob Belcher himself with a set of katanas strapped to his back.

There was some concern about the future of the franchise following the merger between Fox and Disney, especially when Deadpool was not mentioned among upcoming projects earlier this year.

Fans wondered how the character’s R-rated antics would fit with Disney’s more wholesome aesthetic, although it seems those concerns can now safely be put to rest.

It is unknown whether David Leitch, the director of the second film, will return for the third, as he has a packed schedule going into 2021, but the door is said to be “open” for his return.

Either way, Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux are experts at balancing heartfelt family vibes with subversive humour, so it’s exciting to see what they’ll bring to the table here.