DC FANS, REJOICE: Viewers Are Hyped After Early ‘Suicide Squad’ Screening

Following the lumbering monster – well, the two lumbering monsters – of Batman v Superman, fans of the DC comic stable were left feeling pretty underwhelmed by the cinematic universe’s new, ponderous direction.

More than that, reviews for the flick broke Ben Affleck’s beefy heart right in two. 

In fact, audience reactions to that bad boy were so middling, Warner Brothers‘ head honchos even gave DC Entertainmentthorough shake-up to steer the company away from another colossal misstep. 

Welp, if you too are thinking this new, gritty realm could use a little bit of levity and, well, excitement, the following news might please you greatly:

Viewers at a super-spesh early screening of Suicide Squad – a film that already looks utterly manic compared to BvS – have reported on social media the flick is an absolute cracker. 

As to the vailidity of their claims? Well, apart from effusive praise, only a scant few details have been dropped. That could be due to the whole spoilery nature of it all, but it is worth noting. 
Then again, one user posted a shot of their ~golden ticket~ , swearing up and down they really did catch Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Will Smith tear Gotham a new one. 

The flick is due for its first “official” test screening in London next week, and we can expect to get some rock-solid accounts by then. 
The rest of us plebs will just have to rock out to Queen with Cara Delevingne ’til the movie drops in August. Like that’s so bad.

Source: Complex.
Photo: YouTube / Twitter.