David Michod Will Direct Joel Edgerton’s ‘The Rover’

Animal Kingdom director, David Michod, is set to write and direct ‘The Rover‘, a film based on an idea he and man-of-the-year Joel Edgerton conceived about a man on a mission (Edgerton will mos def kill this in role) to retrieve his stolen car and its invaluable contents.

Hopefully the resulting film will be equal parts Drive and Animal Kingdom. Michod previously worked on ‘Bear‘, a Sundance short with Nash Edgerton, Joel’s older brother. In addition to that, Michod is also one of the director’s taking part in ‘Sydney Unplugged.’ J-Edge (this is happening) will appear this year in Baz Luhrmann’s ridiculously anticipated Great Gatsby adaptation (in case you’d forgotten), as well as Kathryn Bigelow’s still-unamed Kill Bin Laden project, alongside the ethereal Jessica Chastain. I think we can all agree this is going to be all kinds of awesome.

Via Variety