Fans of damn good coffee and reliving their 90’s grainy 4:3 obsession were treated to the best news of their life last year: David Lynch announced that a reboot of ‘Twin Peaks’ was officially, one hundred per cent, in the works and scheduled to be released in 2016. Laura Palmer’s legacy lives on, long live Laura Palmer, etc.

Since the news dropped, very little news of the development has followed in its wake, until today, at a QPAC talk in Brisbane with David Lynch hosted by David Stratton. Lynch is in town to promote his just-opened exhibition at Brissy’s Gallery of Modern Art, “Between Two Worlds”, featuring a body of paintings, photography, works on paper and installations from a mind that sits beneath the most enviable head of hair known to mankind.

At an opening event last night, Lynch decried the “pathetic” funding that the arts constantly suffer under around the world, and mercilessly bemoaned graffiti (“Graffiti to me has pretty much ruined the world. It’s ruined it for film. When you go to a place to film, everything is graffitied so if you don’t want it, you have to paint it out,” he reportedly said).

Lynch was in conversation with David Stratton today to wax lyrical on his career, which naturally led to a question or two about his most iconic work, ‘Twin Peaks’, and its upcoming reboot.

Pedestrian’s Brisvegas correspondent was luckily in attendance, this afternoon; Lynch’s answer about the ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot was, reportedly, this: “I’m not sure at this point if it’s happening.” Lynch added that certain “complications” were getting in the way. 

So, of course, nothing official yet. TV networks being TV networks could just be making the process less than smooth, and you can bet that all available fingers are crossed in the hope that this isn’t remotely true. But still, at the mere prospect: my heart. It aches.

More on this tragedy to come.

Lead image by Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty.