The king of YouTube David Dobrik is officially back after nearly a year-long vlogging hiatus and the internet is freaking out.

In what I can only assume is proof that nature is healing, Dobrik has returned to vlogging on his second channel – David Dobrik Too – to show off his new house (*cough* mansion *cough*) and give away a couple of cars.

In less than an hour, the video has already amassed over 450,000 views, proving that the kids are still fucking obsessed with this man, even after a year off the platform.

Throughout the video, Dobrik shows off his new house, which features a WINE ROOM, a basketball court and a bunch of other wild things that you’d expect to see if you gave a child a couple of million dollars.

But in addition to flexing his exuberant personal wealth, Dobrik reminded the internet that he’s still a big fan of sharing the love (and cash) by giving two of his assistants brand new cars.

David, my dude, I simply cannot stress this enough: give me a car.

If anyone can point me in the direction of a friend/boss that will chuck me a new Mercedes for the sake of a video, I would really appreciate it. If you are my boss and you are reading this, this is a sign that you should give me a car for ~business~ purposes.

But anyway, despite the fact that COVID is still a very real problem in the US, we can now go back to pretending things are normal because David Dobrik is back to giving away free cars.

Nature is healed.

You’re welcome.

Here, take a quick gander at the video and cry about how poor you are.