This Bonkers Dave Grohl Vs Taylor Swift Feud Has Everyone Asking The Same Damn Question

We’re only half way through the year and already there’s been enough music beef to send a vegetarian into cardiac arrest, but perhaps none could’ve expected a feud between Taylor Swift and… Dave Grohl?

Sure, we’ve had Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj tiffing over legal terms, Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Great Pissing Contest of ‘24, and a feud stopped in its tracks by a remix from Charli XCX and Lorde, but now we’re bearing witness to an unlikely quarrel between a pop princess and a hard rock frontman for Foo Fighters. My 2024 bingo card is simply overstuffed.

It all started on Saturday, when both Swift and Grohl were performing in London for their respective tours, namely Swift’s Eras Tour and Foo Fighters’ Everything or Nothing At All Tour. 

While Swift’s show at Wembley Stadium spawned countless headlines and brought in the nightmare blunt rotation that is Prince William, Travis Kelce and Tom Cruise, Foo Fighters’ set at the nearby London Stadium might’ve been a little more lowkey; were it not for what he said next.

“We like to call our tour the Errors Tour.” (Source: @PopBase/X)

The Taylor Swift and Dave Grohl feud

What did they say about each other?

“I know that [Swift’s] on her Eras Tour,” Grohl said, promptly activating Swifties with the same brevity it takes her to release a new variant. “I’m telling you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift,” the frontman added.

Grohl went on to riff on the name of Swift’s tour, the lyricist that he is, saying Foo Fighters “like to call our tour the Errors Tour” because they’ve had “a few eras and more than a few fucking errors as well.”

Then came the mic drop that sent the internet alight: “That’s because we actually play live.”

Swift wasn’t going down without a (foo) fight. (Source: @consequence/X)

Swift seemed to indirectly respond to the accusation that she doesn’t perform live during her third London show on Sunday. Speaking to the audience, the singer made a point of thanking her band, “who’s gonna be playing live for you for three and a half hours tonight.” 

Does Taylor Swift play live?

Some of the tizzy online has revolved around that particular accusation, with Grohl fans applauding him for “speak[ing] up” about the use of backing tracks during shows and urging musicians to “please just play live”. Others rushed to Swift’s defence, saying claims she doesn’t sing live are “obviously untrue,” since “she sings live and [Grohl] should know.”

Grohl’s accusation sparked debate over backing tracks. (Source: @hcdrummer/X).

Much of this tit-for-tit might boil down to the differences between a pop performance — where things like vocal tracking are not uncommon — and that of a rock band, where fans prefer the instruments to be played live. 

Swifties, activated. (Source: @schmimsi/X)

“If [Grohl] was referring to the use of backing tracks, autotune, pitch correction, and fillers then he probably called it correctly,” one user quipped, with another adding “it seems that he was taking a swipe at rock bands who play to backing tracks.”

“That is an accurate evaluation of much contemporary music.” (Source: @PnutButta3/X)

What did Dave Grohl’s daughter say?

In any case, fans were quick to theorise the motive behind Grohl’s comments, with a tweet from his daughter resurfacing amid all the hullabaloo. Earlier this year, the frontman’s 17-year-old daughter Violet took a swipe at Swift’s private jet usage, writing on Twitter/X: “why can’t Taylor Swift just drive like everyone else”. 

Were the seeds of the feud planted earlier this year? (Source: @StephanieRiou/X)

She’s far from the only one to deliver that earth-shattering read, but Grohl defenders have claimed that the alleged cyber-bullying Violet received for the tweet might’ve prompted his comments about Swift.

Fans think they know where Grohl’s jabs came from. (Source: @OhMyEmz/X)

“i just KNOW dave grohl jokingly poked fun at taylor swift because her stans decided to send death threats to his daughter for speaking up about her unnecessary use of her private jets”, one user theorised.

We may never know exactly why Grohl made the comments — some have even suggested he was merely “having fun at his own expense” (it might just be that simple, people) — but one thing’s for sure.

There’ll be a new, hopefully just as unlikely, music beef next week. My bet is on Mumford and Sons and Chance The Rapper.

Image source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management and Kevin Mazur/Getty Images