Daryl Somers Is Back & Hosting A Plucka Duck-Free Show About Hypnotism

In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, revered host of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, winner of many Gold Logies, and all-round Australian icon Daryl Somers is gonna be back on your television screens soon. WEIRD, RIGHT?
And it gets even weirder: Somers is hosting a hypnosis show, called ‘You’re Back in the Room’According to SMH, contestants will fight for cash prizes while under hypnosis, and as host, Somers will attempt to coax each contestant out of their hypnotised state.

The news came during a huge announcement from the Nine Network. Along with a range of new Aussie and international shows (Real Housewives Of…, The Bachelorette), the network also announced their new app ‘9 Now’, which will replace ‘Jump In’ and will actually allow people to re-watch shows and episodes that have recently aired on any of the 9 Network’s channels. 
Which is indeed cool, but our brains are way more occupied with this very confusing and concerning hypnotism show. Will the contestants ACTUALLY be hypnotised? Is hypnotism ACTUALLY real? How can the contestants compete for ca$h money if they’re hypnotised? And most importantly: Is a Daryl Somers without his Plucka Duck truly a Daryl Somers at all? 
via Channel 9 / SMH.